My Personal Quenya Work

My Quenya Translator - Not finished yet. See above.
Pronunciation Guide - My own pronunciation guide complete with sound samples.

Quenya Language Links

Ardalambion - All of Tolkiens Languages - Contains a Quenya COURSE.
Quenya - A brief introduction - Very good and detailed, especially for a brief intro.
Gwaith-i-Pheddain - You can publish your Quenya work here. Very nice!
Elvish Linguistic Fellowship - Pretty Good Site, Lots of Resources Listed.
Mellonath Daeron - Language Guild pages, mainly on Quenya and Sindarin.
Elfing Mailing List - A mailing list devoted to Quenya.
Nólë Parma Lambeo Areldava - Grammar, Wordlist and Quotes. Good.
Tolklang on Usenet - A good list for Tolkiens Language - Has some Poetry and Prose.
Silents Tolkien Pages - Page of wordlists and grammar, I havent checked its reliability yet.
Quenya Lapseparma - A truly fantastic Quenya baby names book.
Men Eldalambinen - Contains Quenya Compositions, Essays and Crosswords!
Lambë Eldaiva - Solely contains Quenya information from Ardalambion, but organised differently.

Less 'actual' Quenya based, but still healty links.
Tyalië Tyelelliéva - Quneya Poetry competition, no poetry here though.
Suite 101 Article - An interesting article about learning Quenya yourself...Its O.K.
Are High Elves Finno-Ugric? - Interesting Comparison between Quenya and Finnish.

Quenya Phonology

Quenya Pronouniciation Guide - Good explainations with sound files too. Not perfect, but v.good.
My Pronunciation Guide - Have A look, it's still unfinished, so, its not much to look at yet.

Dead Links

Parma Eldalamberon - An irregularly published magazine focusing on Tolkien's languages.

These links above seem to be dead as of April 2003.
If I cannot find them / do not get emailed about them in the next month - they will be removed.