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This is a list of all of the Quenya sites I could find, with links to my own work.
Please, if you have any good links or files for Quenya, send them to darkman@callnetuk.com

Latest News

21/04/04 - A Shameless Plug
Ok - Now that I have the new server all running nicely, I feel the need to plug some of the sites that I already have running on there... The main site that is currently on there is AngryRooster - An online comic site, which currently just sports 1 series - Angry Rooster. Also on the server is Mayfest LARP, one to look at if your interested in UK LARP Events, or if you want to see some of our online guides for weapons / costume. Finally, you can also see What Is The Divide? - A page about a radio show a friend and I do during Univeristy Term Time (broadcasts online! :)).

20/04/04 - The Email Situation
Further to the previous piece of news, I should also like to announce that it is a bit of a gamble if any emails are getting to me through my age old account that is slapped all over this site. The reason? About 150 emails a day that are Spam... I must apologise for any unresponded to emails, as they are probably going at the same time as my Spam. When I move to the new server, I shall put a form on the webpage through which you can contact me.

19/04/04 - Belated Update!
Dear god, it's been a long while since I've had any free time! Anyhow, my attention has been redirected here for a short while - so here is a well belated update! The good news is, that I now have a server that I can install the new site on :). It's going to take me a bit of time to put things together, and I'm still trying to think of a good and memorable domain name. But it's on the way - when time permits. It should also allow users to rate links and to submit links without needing to send emails to me directly.

03/01/04 - Tolkiens '112th Birthday'
Ok, Perhaps not as interesting as last year when we got to say that it would have been his Eleventy-first birthday, but still worthy of being noted - raise your glass in his name later today!

28/12/03 - New Website Design
Still sitting in a directory full of PHP scripts and images, it's still not accessible to anyone but myself (and indeed, isn't quite finished yet). Hopefully, I will have some better news for you soon. I'm hoping to find someone who will share costs with me on hosting - then I will get myself a cheap hosting option with enough space for this and one or 2 other sites.

27/12/03 - Merry X-Mas and ROTK Comments
First of all, a bit of a late Merry Christmas. I hope that you've enjoyed the festive season, and not eaten or drunk too much!

Otherwise, I just have leave a quick comment on Return of the King. What a fantastic film! A great end to a trilogy that deserves to be remembered as the Starwars of our Generation. I know that there have been many comments on the ending, but without spoiling it - I think that what they chose was, while not entirely true to the book, perhaps a more fitting ending for a film that's not only for fans.

26/08/03 - Two Towers on DVD
Ok - It's been here for a few days now, but I've just returned back home with my new copy of Two Towers on DVD. Fantastic as always - I guess I just thought it's something that needed to be posted.

Other news - the PHP is coming along, looking at trying to use some uni hosting for a year or 2 if possible and looking for a good domain name now - Having troubles thinking of a good one (that isn't taken)...

17/08/03 - PHP Version of Site Progressing
Work is well underway on a PHP version of the site. The good news is that the links are now in a database, and will have longer descriptions - as well as a rating system for each one. Most importantly however, the translator is also going to be built upon a database, allowing for speed word look-up, and the potential for english-quenya and also, say, german-quenya translators (if someone else can do the dictionary for me). Also, there is potential for Sindarin-Quenya - lol.

The only problem now is that my server does not support PHP. I could pay for a server, but I'm trying to badger people into providing me with free space first, as I would like to remove the banner ads altogether and have to pay very little for a site itself. The only other annoying news is that some monkey stole quenya.co.uk - so it might have to be a uk.com address or something - oh well!

24/06/03 - University Year 1 is Over
Ok, my first year exams are done and dusted and there are only 2 weeks of term left, after which I return home for 3 whole months. A nice looking alternative for hosting has arisen offering hosting at £15 per month with enough bandwidth for this site and the start of an online comic site I hope to start.

In a couple of weeks I plan to think a little more about moving to better hosting to allow for the translator to live on MySQL. But alas, for now - have fun! Namarie!

06/06/03 - Hosting Hunt Update
The best that I have found in the way of hosting is memset so far, who could do me a tiny server to host this site (and a couple of others) for £20 a month. I could install ADSL for pretty much the same price, and while the site wouldn't be quite so fast - it's all text based with small images, and users probably wouldn't really notice the difference. This would of course also allow me more control over the server as it's own beast - and wouldn't cost me anything for 'backup fees' etc.

I might try this idea initially, with the plan of upgrading depending on how many sites I run on the same beast. But first, I shall have to wait for my exams to finish - so, until then - Namarie!

20/04/03 - Back in England
OK, no more news on the Server front yet - it's depending on quite a few other things as it stands. Instead however, I have updated some of the content.

The Quenya links now include a few new links, including the intriguing Men Eldalambinen, which contains some Quenya compositions and also some Quenya Crosswords! Also added was LambŽ Eldaiva, which seems to mainly contain information from Ardalambion. For now, Enjoy!

15/04/03 - Update Auf Deutsch!
Well, perhaps not in German - but from Germany :). Ok, well I obviously haven't had the chance to do any updates, but some searching in previous days has led me to a few options for webhosting. However, my first plan now is to badger my boss into giving me free webspace... Still, keep your eyes peeled for a new web address soon!

Until I return to England later this week, Auf Wiedersehen!

12/04/03 - Alternative Hosting Hunt Begins!
I'm currently on the hunt for a new web host. I've recently realised how much more organised (and easier to update) I could make this site with PHP and MySQL on the system. Improved hosting would also make the translator work more efficiently. More information on this shortly.

03/01/03 - Tolkien's Eleventy-First Birthday!
For those of you that have not yet heard, today marks Tolkien's eleventy-first birthday! So, here is a quick happy birthday to the best story teller of all time, to whom we owe the great films, and this site!

More great news is that I this evening saw the second film. Truth be told, it's not quite as good as the first one, but it's still a fantastic film that does the book great justice. To be honest, it was going to be the least exciting of the 3, I mean - it's the middle of the story. If you still haven't seen it - go and book!

20/12/02 - Two Towers A Hit - Surprised?
Unsurprisingly, the Two Towers seems to have rocketed at the cinema's and has been given good reviews by all those who have seen it. Many say that it was not quite as good as the Fellowship of the Ring, but we'll let you decide that!

I'm still itching to see this film, but I doubt that I will get to see it for another week or 2 yet. Grrr.

As for updates - again, only a few minor changes have been made. I'm looking into getting different hosting - either with no banners, or fewer banners - and better features, so that I can have a few more things on this site. I won't say what yet though...

If collectable card games (CCG's) are your thing, have a look at this link for the pictures of the complete card set from decipher.

31/10/02 - General Updates Made
Ok, Uni has begun and things are swinging around a little at the moment. However, I have taken a little time out to make a few minor changes to my pages.

A few dead links have been removed from the Tengwar and Quenya sections, and a few news ones have been added to both. Perhaps the most noteworthy additions are: Apologies to any un-replied to emails as of late. I have been quite busy with uni, and I have actually lost some emails due to a previously hideous net connection here. But feel free to send any contacts my way still! (darkman@callnetuk.com)

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I apologize if I have infringed on any copyright etc. Please inform me, and I will fix the problem.

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