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::In Character Emails

In character emails should contain just the actions for your character. If you need to insert a small comment that is out of character, use [Square Brackets] to enclose everything you don't want to be taken as character actions.

The Subject Bar of an In Character Email should read:
"[Exalted PBEM][CHAPTER.ACT.SCENE] (Character Name / Location) Summary"

eg. Subject: [Exalted PBEM][1.1.1] (Iouchi Katar / Nexus) Fighting Dragon Blooded

You should use the Chapter.Act.Scene from the email which I sent to you - It is basically so I know which 'turn' you are replying to with this email...

::GOOD Game Emails

To Help make the game run faster, better and smoother, make sure you do these things often:

1) Write Contingency plans: For Example, if you are planning to jump a river, tell me what you do will if you make the jump, AND what you will do if you don't make the jump.. Don't make the contingencies too big - you will waste a lot of time else, but make them big enough so I can do a fair amount of stuff without emailing a question for every.. little.. thing..

2) Write Standing Orders: For Example, if you are tavelling a road, tell me what you will do if are to get ambushed. If you are walking into a bar, tell me what if/how you will react to certain types of people like quards and dragon blooded people.

3) Ramble in Conversation a little: To get around the sending of many, many emails for a simple conversation each player involved in the conversation should write a fairly long piece which rambles somewhat, touching on many of the points he wants to cover. I can then use this to 'build' a fair chunk of conversation at a time.

4) Put Speach that you want to say in "Quotes", put OOC comments in [Square Brackets], put actions in ::Doulbe Colons::, everything else should be thoughts or contingencies...

By making sure you do these things things in your email, not only will the game be much better, it will make my life easier, and you will gain Experience Points for good play.

::Out Of Character Emails

If you have a lot to say about your character, want to spend some experience points, or have a question about the game in general, make sure you place [OOC] after the [Exalted PBEM].. Again, this is so that it gets filtered correctly on my computer. If the query is related to a character, it is probably also a good idea to put your character name in brackets..

eg. Subject: [Exalted PBEM][OOC] (Iouchi Katar) Do I have enough XP for skill X?


I roll the dice, I resolve any conflicts. Apart from that, its your standard game of Exalted...

Sometimes the game may occur in an IRC chat room, I will save the transcripts of these games and email the relevant portions to your afterwards. If you are lucky, you may get to roll your own dice in these games - if I have a dicebot.

::Making A Character

Character are made using the Standard Exalted rules, but there are a few exceptions so you must make your character with me at the moment.. As well as the standard character sheet, I will also require:

Personality & Appearance
Goals and Ambitions
A Brief Description of Enemies, Associates and Contacts (And Mentors, Allies etc.)

::Where Can I See My Character?

You can't, yet. I'm still working on putting the character script online...