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Voting - Terms and Conditions

Ensure that you have read and understand fully the terms and conditions before proceeding.

By clicking on the "proceed" button below, you are agreeing that you have voted once and only once on this system. Any efforts made attempting to allow multiple votes on this system, or trying to alter the results in any manner or form could lead to expulsion from the University.

The vote that you make using this system is final. After completing step 4 your vote has been submitted and you may not change your vote using any method.

The real terms and conditions would probably fill up a little more space, so here is some general blurb just to fill the pages and give a more finished look to the pages.

If you agree to the above conditions please click below to proceed.

These pages are secure pages stored on an SSL-Enabled X-Net server running the latest version of Debian Linux with the updated OpenSSL package. For a full description of the security verifcations of this system, please see our Online Voting System Security Gaurantee.